01 oktober 2012

Raymond Carver om poesi og noveller

Claude Grimal: Why did you choose to write short stories rather than, say, novels?

Raymond Carver: Life circumstances. I was very young. I got married at eighteen. My wife was seventeen; she was pregnant. I had no money at all and we had to work all the time and bring up our two children. It was also necessary that I go to college to learn how to write, and it was simply impossible to start something that would have taken me two or three years. So I set myself to writing poems and short stories. I could sit down at a table, start and finish in one sitting. 

CG: Do you consider yourself as good a poet as a short story writer? And what relationship do you see between your poetry and your prose? 

RC: My stories are better known, but, myself, I love my poetry. Relationship? My stories and my poems are both short. (Laughs.) I write them the same way, and I'd say the effects are similar. There's a compression of language, of emotion, that isn't to be found in the novel. The short story and the poem, I've often said, are closer to each other than the short story and the novel. 

Intervju, Prose as architecture

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