06 februar 2013

DFW om søppel på teve og i litteraturen

Television's greatest appeal is that it is engaging without being at all demanding. One can rest while undergoing stimultaion. Receive without giving. It's the same in all low art that has as [its] goal continued attention and patronage: it's appealing precisely because it's at once fun and easy. And the entrenchment of a culture built on Appeal helps explain a dark and curious thing: at a time when there are more decent and good and very good serious fiction writers at work in America than ever before, an American public enjoying unprecedented literacy and disposable income spends the vast bulk of its reading time and book dollar on fiction that is, by any fair standard, trash. Trash fiction is, by design and appeal, most like televised narrative: engaging without being demanding. 

David Foster Wallace, 1988, fra essayet "Fictional Futures and the Conspicuously Young", trykket i boka Both Flesh and Not (Little, Brown 2012).

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