02 mars 2013

The King, Donald Bartheleme

 "Never thought about it," said Launcelot. "I thought saddles always had stirrups."
 First appeared i North Korea in the fifth century," said Sir Roger. "Books have been written about the influence of the stirrup on warfare. Not that I've ever read one. The thing about books is, there are quite a number you don't have to read."
 "Never been much of a one for books," said Launcelot.
 "I've read a great many," said Sir Roger. "When you're black, everyone tends to assume you're stupid. So I take care not to be stupid. Read a good one just the other day, The Anatomy of Melancholy, by Burton. A jewel of a book."
 "Don't know it."
 " 'Diogenes struck the father when the son swore,' " Sir Roger quoted. "Now that's wisdom."
 "My father never struck me," said Launcelot. "On the other hand, he never spoke to me, either."

(s. 35)

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